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We love print! Just feel the texture, take in the message and enjoy the visual journey. The power of print is magical, beautiful, and ever-so impactful.


Read all about it! The next big event going on in the city this evening: who's gonna be there, when, what, and where. You have to go be there, be a part of scene; join the incrowd and be seen.

Event Marketing


A collection of publications featuring pitch decks, presentations, magazines, books, pamplets, newsletters, and newspapers. Feel free to click on the collections below and check out my latest publiations.

Publications / Presentations


Print provides informative materials to inform us bits of important info. Below is a collection of designs for resumes, business cards, brochures, pluggers, flyers, etc.

Informative Materials

LOCAL CHICAGO TALENT | Performers, Rappers, & Singers

Chicago is the city buzzing with the latest performing talents. As a designer, I had the chance and pleasure to work with local performers, rappers, singers, musicians, and dancers. Working these performing artists has granted my a new perspective in be able to visually tell their story and brand of what they stand for mediums expressed physically through printed works.

Local Chicago Talent